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The A-team of awesomeness & creative people

We are a team of seasoned professionals that share a passion for innovative brand storytelling. Our team includes individuals from various industries that have worked in communications from creative content, to brand storytelling, influencer marketing, video production and event management. This passion for communications is what drives us to be solutions-oriented, flexible to changing trends, and develop a foresight that helps us keep your brand ahead of the pack.

We are always on the lookout for new talent that has a shared passion for story-telling and who embraces out of the box thinking with expert knowledge in their field. If this is you drop us an email at [email protected]

We would love to hear from you!


Arjun Jeger

Director / Co-Founder

Chamila Prasad Karunarathne

Director / Co-Founder

Thashrif Gaffoor

Director / Founder - Jasmin Media

Fahmee Oowise

Director / Co-Founder - Dice

Jyoti Ubriani

Director / Co-Founder - Dice

Sajeewa De Silva

Director / Founder - Digital Writers

Ishara Kasun Liyanage

Senior 3D Animator / CG Artist

Lakshmi Rajaratnam

Account Manager

Narada Saranga

Web Editor -

Nimesh Dissanayake

Production Assistant

Sagara Wickramasinghe

Specialist Marketing

Sajith Gayan

Manager - Post Productions

Sandun Arosha

Chief Editor -

Shasheedaran Prabagaran

Manager - Marketing

Suhana Peiris