We are a full service creative & digital communications agency, with an in-house, state-of-the-art film production arm.

Whatever your industry, purpose or mission, we give life and movement to your story.

We believe that powerful storytelling can set your brand apart.

We live in an era that is experiencing an influx in startups, businesses, and large corporations. So in a sea of brands it’s vital that your story is not only heard by the right audience, but inspires them to engage and take action, through meaningful storytelling.

Digital Content becomes your storyteller by creating meaningful content that is brought to life with an effective content strategy and an expert team. We create content that will cut through the noise and increase brand awareness and impact.

We are a fully integrated digital marketing communications agency focused on realising your brand’s potential through an effective content marketing plan, a full-service media production, and maximising on influencer marketing across various media and digital platforms such as TV, radio and digital, to create the ultimate impact.

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Our story

Our story is simple. Digital Content (Pvt) Ltd. (DC) was founded in 2017 by Arjun Jeger and Chamila Prasad Karunarathne who believed that local brands should have access to a tailor-made, comprehensive and integrated communications strategy that was on par with global brands. They have over 15 years of experience in the field of digital media, and a passion to keep pushing boundaries in the communications sphere in Sri Lanka.

Prior to its inception, DC found that most brands relied on content created by traditional media channels, to give them maximum visibility and brand awareness. This is where DC gradually bridged the gap and changed the norm, giving local brands access to global communication services and innovative ways of engaging the right audience with innovative storytelling methods, audience specific content, influencer marketing, and an engaging loyal customer base that has an impact on your sales.

Our vision and passion has led to us working with some of the best brands in Sri Lanka, creating over 100 viral Adfilms and counting. We have gradually integrated a few more additions into the DC family to give our customers everything they need to deliver trending content.

Don’t believe us? Check it out!

We have partnered with over hundreds of third party platforms, making sure your content gets maximum reach through various channels. Currently, DC has the largest network of third party content amplification systems in Sri Lanka.

Our Influencer Marketing Agency, Dice Global has tapped into Influencer Marketing in Sri Lanka, giving you a larger reach through innovative content.
DC owns one of Sri Lanka’s best Live Streaming Technologies that is wireless, Full HD and has an exceptional quality than surpasses television broadcasting.

We also have a fully integrated Production House that has the ability to produce any form of video, including commercials for television.

Modern Approach to Content

Start-up mindset

At DC we are eager to create innovative ways of looking at the digital media space. We look at challenges as an opportunity to grow and evolve our skills and brand. We believe that there is nothing impossible or challenging for us to handle. This mind-set has placed us at the forefront of our industry, helping us pave the way to become trendsetters in our era.


We have grown to understand that trends are seasonal and not permanent. This is why it’s important to stay flexible and versatile in handling market challenges. We have an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking that allows us to expand our horizon for digital and content, giving us agile marketing capabilities and a non-rostered approach when it comes to creating meaningful content.

Innovative & Unique Content

We live in an era where information is flooding through various digital and media platforms. It’s easy for your brand’s voice to be drowned in this sea of information. This is why it’s vital that every brand possess a comprehensive strategy and creative content that puts your brand under the spotlight. At DC we are determined to create unique and innovative content that highlights your brand, making your story visible and getting your message heard by the right audience.


Content quality is important in retaining and engaging a loyal customer base that highlights the genuinity of your story. This is why we believe that in the next few years each brand, whether it’s an FMCG product, or financial service, will own their own media assets. DC is ready to take on this shift with our resources and forward thinking mindset.

The Details Matter

Whether its content, colour, prototype or code, we understand that even the smallest detail can create a big difference in the way your brand’s story is perceived with your audience. So we strive to make sure that every little detail works together to reflect your brand values and create an impact on your target market.

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